Step by step guide to renting a scooter in Manila, Philippines

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Renting a scooter from in Makati City, Metro Manila is easy, simply browse the bikes we have available below, you will see the number of each bike available next to the description in red, you will also notice that some of the scooters we have available for rent have different options which are generally relating to the color of the bike, you also have options to rent with accessories such as back box or panier bags (KTM Duke 390). To keep it simple follow the steps below:
Step 1

Browse the available scooters and motorcycles we have available to rent in Makati City, Metro Manila, once you see have seen the one that you would like to rent, Click on the image.

Step 2

A pop-up box will appear, if you do not see it at first scroll back to the top of the page and you will see it (example below)

As with the pop-up example below you then need to choose the options available, in the case of the Mio you will see different color options, pick 1 and then choose how many scooters you would like to rent (this is not the amount of days you would like to rent for) That comes next.

Once chosen Click Add to Cart.

Stage 3

Now you need to choose the pick-up date and drop-off date, Scoot’s rental rates are based on on 24Hours rental meaning that 1 x days rental starts at the time of pick-up and ends at the same time 24 hours later, so once you have chosen the dates, then confirm the time you would like to pick-up your chosen rental scooter or motorcycle, see example screen shots below:


So, with this example you can see I have chosen to rent a Yamaha Mio Soul i – Orange, pick-up date and time is 22 June at 8.00pm and return date and time is 2 days later  24 June at 8.00pm, as you will see scoots rental system automatically calculates the rental payment due for that period which in this case is 1,198Php (2 x days rental at 599Php per day).

You will also see at the bottom of the screen you have a red button with checkout on it, before you click proceed, not the total amount due, this total includes the security deposit (security deposits are 100% refundable upon return of the rental bike with no damage and a full tank of gas, the security deposits do vary between the different bikes that we have available for rent  in Makati City).

If everything is correct, please click the red check out button as per example below;

Stage 4

Having clicked on the Checkout button, you will now see a screen confirming the full details of the scooter or motorcycle your have chosen to rent, please now complete the details requested within the rental agreement form, only the boxes with red * aere compulsory fields, if you are not sure of your zipcode please just insert the the following 4 numbers – 1233

Once you have input your personal details, you must tick the box relating to the rental terms and agreements, you can see the full rental terms and agreements by clicking the Blue link, they will appear as a pop-up on your screen as above.

Assuming you do agree to the terms and agreements tick the box and then click the red make payment button.

Stage 5

You will now be re-directed to Paypal to complete the payment via Paypals secure payment portal, if you are not automatically re-directed simply click the red button that says Pay (amount to pay will be there to see as per example screenshot below)

Stage 6 – Final Stage

You will now see the Paypal Secure Payment Portal, simply follow the basic instructions, if you already have a paypal account just login using your normal paypal login details and make payment and you will receive confirmation emails as per below examples, if you do not have a paypal account already don’t worry you do not need one, follow the Paypal instructions to pay via Credit/Debit Card as per the screenshot examples below:

You will see that you are making a  payment to Eco-fast Laundry Depot Inc. this is the legal entity you are paying to, Eco-fast Laundry depot Inc. operates as well as the Scoot store and brand in Makati City, Metro Manila region on behalf of Great Sanctuary Retreat inc.

Follow the instructions, complete your payment details as well as address that your credit/debit card is registered to, you can choose to open a Paypal account or continue as guest, assuming successful payment, you will now receive the payment confirmation and booking emails direct to the email address that you included within the rental bookings:

Order received

Hi Your Name,

We hereby confirm that we’ve received your order for 06-09-2018 12:0006-13-2018 12:00. You can find a summary below:


Qty Price
Yamaha Aerox 155 – Orange 1 ₱3,000.00
Grand total ₱3,000.00

If you have any questions please contact us at

Kind regards, Great Sanctuary Retreat Inc. (T/A Scoot)

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