Best way to explore Manila

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Manila is often regarded as a destination for the business traveller rather then tourists, although the thriving Business Outsource Processing industry is a big draw for The Philippines capital city, the number of tourists visiting Manila has increased substantially in recent years:

More visitors means more traffic…Manila is renowned for having some of the worst traffic jams in the world, so…
What is the best way to explore Manila?
By Taxi – Licensed taxi’s are everywhere in Manila, from getting off the plane at Manila airport you will see and be offered taxi’s, we have heard of tourists paying 3,000Php upwards in a taxi from the airport to their hotel in Makati (The actual fare should be around 200Php even with the more expensive licensed airport taxi’s – thats 10x the real fare!!) this is why we can not recommend using a taxi to take you on a tour of Manila, although there are good/honest taxi drivers there are a lot more that tend to take advantage of what they think are inexperienced tourists.

By Tour Bus – There are many tour companies offering tours of Manila and they will cover the main tourist destinations with fair pricing as it is a very competitive market. The only issue with tour companies is that you are on a fixed schedule and whether you want to stay longer or leave sooner in a particular destination you have to stick to the group schedule, for us that is a big turn off, we want to be FREE and go where we want when we want, which is why the next option is for us the best way to explore Manila…

By Scooter – Renting a scooter to explore Manila is by far the best way to explore Manila because renting a scooter in Manila will allow you to get across the city much quicker then any other form of transport. Scooters can navigate through the heavy traffic, allowing you to explore the entire city, it also means that you have the freedom to come and go as you please, most scooter and motorcycle rental companies will rent you a scooter with unlimited miles which means you will not get charged extra if you cover more miles during your rental period, make sure check that the scooter rental company in Manila does not charge any excess mileage and that you have no limit to the miles you can ride on the scooter you rent. offers automatic scooters and motorcycles to rent in Makati City, Manila and BGC, also offers a pick-up and delivery service which if booking more then 1 x days scooter rental from the Makati City, Metro Manila store is 100% free across the whole of Makati City, Metro Manila and BGC. has a wide range of Scooters and Motorcycle available to rent in manila, for the more experienced rider we recommend renting the Yamaha Aerox 155 automatic Scooter, it has the feel of riding a big bike but with the ease of a scooter, the Aerox is the best scooter to rent of you want to explore Manila in both comfort and style, we have also found the Aerox to be more fuel efficient then both the Mio and the Skydrive when exploring the streets of Manila and for only 750Php per days rental from it is an absolute Bargain!!

The best way to choose the scooter you want to rent though is by visitng the store in Makati City:

Scoot @ The Laundry Depot, 2698 Gen Cailles Street, makati City, Metro Manila (Justr off Evangelista)

See map reference below:

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