How to avoid traffic in Manila?

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Rent a scooter or Motorcycle from and avoid Manila Traffic

The best way to avoid traffic in Manila is by travelling by scooter or motorcycle, if you can not afford to buy one, you should consider renting….renting a scooter or motorcycle in Manila is easy, all you need to do is go to a scooter and motorcycle rental store, there are a few in Manila. Scooter and Motorcycle rentals is based in Makati City, Metro Manila. Renting a Scooter or Motorcycle in Manila from is easy, Scoot offers 125cc Automatic Scooters for rent as well as 150cc Motorcycles and even 1588cc and 1800cc Harley Davidsons are available to rent in Manila, to give you an idea of scooter and motorcycle rental rates take a look at example costs below:

Rent Motorcycle in Manila from – you can book online, email or simply call 02 805 4266 Or 0917 720 0444 – No more Manila traffic!!