Where can you rent a scooter in Manila?

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Scoot.com.ph specializes in renting scooters in Manila, based in Makati, Metro Manila you can rent a scooter from Scoot in Manila from 550Php per day, Scoot’s Manila scooter rental service also includes FREE drop-off and pick-up of your rental scooter in Makati, Manila and BGC.

Scoot will rent a scooter to you if you are staying anywhere in Makati, Manila or BGC, you can book online and the will deliver to your condo, hotel or workplace, Scoot is based at The Laundry depot, 2698 Gen Cailles Street, Makati City, Metro Manila.

Renting a scooter in Manila has never been easier then with Scoot.com.ph as they are available 24/7 via telephone, live chat or through FACEBOOK, if you visit the The LaundrY Depot store, you can even drop your laundry, rent a scooter, go on a tour of Manila and then bring it back to Scoot@The Laundry Depot’s HQ in Makati and they will have washed, dryed and folded laundry whilst you have been enjoying the scooter rental tour of Manila.

To give you an idea of the scooter rentals avilable in Makati, Metro Manila and BGC take a look at the range below, starting from 550Php per day to rent a 125cc automatic scooter in Manila.

Scoot.com.ph also offers Motorcycle Rentals in Manila, so if you are looking to rent a scooter or motorcycle in Manila, Scoot.com.ph offer both Scooters and Motorcycles for rent in Makati, Manila and BGC, you can rent a Harley Davidson Softail Heritage for 50000Php per day in Manila from Scoot as well as a Honda XR150L Motorcycle this is available at 700Php per day.

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