Yamaha Aerox 155cc

Right now, out of everything that we rent, this is our favourite scooter by far, it’s in a different class to everything else.

Scoot.com.ph is the first scooter rental company in Puerto Galera to rent new Yamaha Aerox 155cc Scooter, we love this bike, it’s perfect for exploring the whole island, big wheels, big seat and we give it big love!

Check out our video preview of the all new Yamaha Aerox 155cc, 120KPH on a scooter!! Ride safely please…..

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Drop-off & Pick-up

At Scoot.com.ph we pride ourselves on the level of service we offer, if you have special requests just let us know, we drop-off and pick-up throughout Puerto galera, no problem at all!

Places to stay

Puerto Galera offers a vast range of different types of accommodation, Scoot’s team knows the good, the bad and the ugly, if you need help, just ask….

Things to do

Waterfalls, shooting ranges, private beaches, ziplines, fire dancers, party boats, bars and restaurants… we can help you make the most of your stay in Puerto Galera, guaranteed!


Whether you are looking to organise or attend an event we are at your service, we have access to the best venues across the island, we can even offer you our very own 125+ capacity party boat – Great Sanctuary!

Tours and Packages

Read more about the experience you can have in Puerto Galera


The Perfect Puerto Galera

A step-by-step itinerary for the ones that don’t know where to go first. Designed to take advantage of every minute of your stay in Puerto Galera



Attractions in the Puerto Galera

A great collection of things that you absolutely have to see if you are a visitor in the beautiful island that is Puerto Galera


The choice is yours….which one will it be?

We have the widest newest selection of scooters and motorcycles available for rent today!

125cc Automatic Scooter

Suzuki Skydrive


  • Absolute Bargain Popuar
  • New Scooter
  • Good on fuel
  • Black/Red


155cc Automatic Scooter

Yamaha Aerox


  • Our Favourite
  • Wider tires
  • So easy to ride
  • Very Comfortable Cool as f**k!


150cc Dirt Bike

Honda XL/R


  • Great for on & off-road
  • Perfect for 2 to explore
  • Manual Transmission
  • Very Reliable New Bikes