Yamaha Mio soul i 125cc

We have plenty of Mio’s, customers often comment on how easy and smooth they are to ride, as with all of our scooters, our Mio’s are all less then 6 months old, the “i” in the soul i makes the performance so much better, carrying a passenger on this scooter is no problem at all – we

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Food and drinks

If you’re looking for a good steak our favourite is Papa Fred’s steak house in Sabang, wine list is ok and steak always good, not had a bad meal there yet!


Puerto Galera has accommodation for all budgets and taste, if you’re looking for out the way, on the water romance, we always recommend Coco Beach Island Resort (Best not to take our scooters there though!) Private resort with al the facilities to go with it.

Tour Guide

Lead by Papa’Scoot – The team at Scoot.com.ph can show you anything and everything across Puerto Galera, depending on your length of stay we can tailor your trip from pick-up in Manila airport through to the zipline (pictured) in Ponderosa, whatever takes your fancy we have it covered.


We specialize in organizing events and managing groups, Puerto Galera has many public events every year, the busiest periods arearound Holy week (easter) at this time you some good music events such as Malisimbo Music festival (March 23-25, 2018) – It’s advisable to book your accommodation early as everything gets booked out, we can offer priority booking at discounted rates, just ask.

Tours and Packages

Read more about the experience you can have in Puerto Galera


The Perfect Puerto Galera Trip

A step-by-step ittinerary for the ones that don’t know where to go first. Designed to take advantage of less crowded times.



Attractions in Puerto Galera

A great collection of things that you absolutely have to see if you are a visitor in the beautiful city of New York.


155cc Automatic Scooter

Yamaha Aerox


  • Our Favourite Wider tires
  • So easy to ride
  • Daily Recommendations Very Comfortable Cool as f**k!
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155cc Automatic Scooter

Yamaha Aerox


  • Our Favourite
  • Wider tires
  • So easy to ride
  • Very Comfortable

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Yamaha Mio Soul i 125cc

Yamaha Mio Soul i


  • Fully Automatic and fuel injected
  • Plenty of space for 2 people
  • Bright LED lights
  • Fuel Efficient


150cc Dirt Bike

Honda XL/R


  • Great for on & off-road
  • Perfect for 2 to explore
  • Manual Transmission
  • Very Reliable New Bikes